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Work Permit Visa

work permit in ThailandIf you are going to work in Thailand then you need to have the correct visa for the work permit application. There are a number of options. There are a number of options with regard to the work permit in Thailand and below there is a brief breakdown of the work permit process.

These will cover the most common questions with regard to the visa options in Thailand.

Thai Business Visa

This is the most common visa used for applying for a work permit in Thailand. If you are going to be a teacher then the school or university will provide you with all the documents needed to apply for the visa. Note that if the “B” visa was issued with the paperwork for Company 1 then you can’t return to Thailand and apply for a work permit at Company 2. See the article on this website about the work permit process and what would be needed.

Thai Marriage Visa

You can apply for a work permit with a marriage visa in Thailand. Note that if you have a 12 month extended visa (not a multiple entry visa) the visa will be extended to when the work permit expires. You don’t get the 12 month visa again when you leave your employ and you will need to start the Thai marriage visa process again from scratch as you did the first time. See the note on applying for a work permit in Thailand with a marriage visa. Since you are married to a Thai national the company only needs to show 1,000,000 THB in capitalisation for you instead of the usual 2,000,000THB with a Thai business visa.

Thai Retirement Visa

Note that if you have a Thai “O-A” visa or which is commonly called a retirement visa you will lose your retirement status when you apply for a work permit. The retirement visa does not allow you to work in Thailand – not even part-time. Most illegal workers in Thailand tend to be those who had retired and decided to do some part-time teaching. This is illegal. Speak to an attorney about converting your retirement visa and apply for a work permit with it.

Thailand Tourist Visa

If you have a tourist visa then you need to have this visa converted. It’s a long and difficult process being the reason why most companies will not employ you with one. The process can take up to 7 weeks to complete so most prefer you to have either a marriage visa or a business visa for the work permit.

If you are considering working in Thailand then ensure that you have the correct visa for the work permit. Most who are employed in Thailand tend to have started with a business visa and a minority with a marriage visa. Speak to an attorney in Thailand for more advice and assistance if you have started a business or considering starting one. Working illegally in Thailand can get you fines, imprisoned or deported. Start of a good footing in Thailand.


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