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Thai Work Permit

If you are going to work in Thailand then you need to obtain a Thai work permit before you start employment. There is no such thing as a work visa.

This is normally a Thai business visa whoever this visa does not allow you to work in Thailand but only to apply for a work permit using the visa. The following would be needed if you apply for a work permit for your own company.

Registered Capital:

If you are married to a Thai national then you need to have a company with a 1,000,000 Baht registered capital. If you are not married to a Thai national then you need to have at least 2,000,000 Baht in registered capital. If you have a BOI registered company then this will depend on the agreement between your company and the Board of Investment.

Thai Employees:

Thai Work PermitFor every work permit that is issued for a foreigner there needs to be at least 4 Thai employees. If however the company was formed less than 1 year before the application of the work permit then the minimum Thai employees are 2. When you renew the work permit however then you will be required to have 4 Thai employees for every foreigner in your employ. Note that the Thai employees will have to have been registered in the Social Security fund at least 3 months before you applied for the work permit. BOI companies will depend on the agreement when the company was registered with the BOI.


The company will have to have paid taxes such as VAT and also at least 1 month in Social Security for the Thai staff. You will need to have this receipt with the application for the work permit.

Documents you will need:

  • Application form for the work permit;
  • Valid passport with your Thai Business Visa in it;
  • Your resume;
  • Medical Certificate (Must include a syphilis check);
  • Job applied for and not a prohibited jobs in Thailand as described;
  • If you are married, copies of all the documents from the marriage visa application;

Documents Company will need:

Most small businesses in Thailand normally let an attorney deal with all the paperwork as the rules change more often than not. If you have any questions then speak to an attorney in Thailand about this. Note you can also use a marriage visa to apply for a work permit. See the side bar for more details about working and having a business in Thailand.

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