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Thai Work Permit Renewal

Tax in Thailand for ForeignersOnce you are coming to the end of your work permit you need to ensure that it is either cancelled or renewed on time in Thailand. The renewal process is not as difficult as when you obtained it first however you need to provide most of the documents you had before again. The process normally is done a month before the current work permit will lapse.

Thai Work Permit Renewal

The following documents are needed by the labour department:

  • ·         – Proof of your qualifications (Diploma + Transcripts)
  • ·         – Complete resume
  • ·         – Photos which are not older than 6 months (3cm X 4cm)
  • ·         – Map to your school or business
  • ·         – Copy of Thai teachers licence (not always required at Embassy)*
  • ·         – Medical certificate (your blood type and advanced syphilis check)
  • ·         – Tax return from your last work permit

The company will provide the following documents for the renewal of the work permit. Rules do change so check with a lawyer in Thailand before you start the renewal process.

  • ·         – Copy of the registration of the Thai business on your work permit
  • ·         – Copy of VAT Registration form Phor Por 01 of the business
  • ·         – Copy of VAT Certificate – Phor Phor 20 of the business
  • ·         – Copy of Withholding Tax – Phor Ngor Dor 1
  • ·         – Copy of Certified Shareholders List
  • ·         – Copy of Social Security Payment filing
  • ·         – Copy of the Thai business license – as an example Factory License
  • ·         – Copy of school registration with MOE if you are a teacher

These are the same documents you provided the first time around. The process is however much easier and faster and you are only confirming what has already been provided with your new employment contract which should be the only new document you provide at the renewal. You need to obtain the tax certificate and you have to request it from the Revenue Department in Thailand. They will normally print this out for you while you wait.

The renewal process means that you need to go to both the labour department as well as Thai immigration. A Thai immigration they will extend your visa in Thailand again for another year. It is best to use a visa agent or attorney for this process as many end up on overstay when the renewal process goes wrong.


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