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Prohibited Occupations

Prohibited Occupations in ThailandAs a foreigner you are not allowed to hold certain positions in Thailand. These jobs are on a prohibited list and you may not fill the role in any of them. Certain profession however you will be able to obtain a work permit for. These range of a chef in a restaurant on condition that you can prove that a local cannot do the task. The same goes for the more odd profession in Thailand such as a DJ.

Many of the high-end hotels in Thailand employ foreigners as DJ’s on a one year contract as they cater to mainly foreigners and expats. These you will only find at the large hotel chains. The Alien Business Law lists these professions into 3 categories in Thailand. These are listed below.

Category A:

  • Agriculture (You are not allowed to farm)
  • Commercial Business (You are not allowed to trade in land or agricultural products in Thailand
  • Service Business (You are not allowed in accounting, advertising, building profession)

Category B:

  • Agriculture Business (You are not allowed in fishing, agriculture and timbering)
  • Industrial & Handicraft (You are not allowed in rice milling, printing or newspaper production)
  • Commercial (You are not allowed to sell food and drinks)
  • Service Industry (You are not allowed in laundry, hotels other than management or dress making)
  • Land Water and Transport

Category C:

  • Wholesale trade and exporting in positions not listed above.

There is a full list of the prohibited occupations in Thailand listed here. If you need further advice then speak to a lawyer in Thailand about your business registration as well as your work permit. You are not allowed into many profession in Thailand such as accounting, however you are allowed to get a work permit as the manager of the business. Most companies in Thailand that belong to expats tend to employ local Thai staff while they hold a work permit as a manager of the business.

There are many jobs available to foreigners in Thailand however you need to see what the demand is before you approach the company. Many expats tend to be either in teaching or are self-employed. There are a small minority of expats who work in other professions as consultants either legal, accounting or on the offshore drilling platforms in the Gulf of Thailand. Speak to an attorney if you are not certain about your business or work permit situation.

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