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Popular jobs in Thailand

Popular jobs in ThailandThe most popular jobs in Thailand tends to be teaching. The teaching profession in Thailand however has changed over the years. See this website for more details. Schools are looking for people with higher qualifications however the salaries over the past 10 years have remain pretty static. These jobs are however still very popular and in demand. The next level of employment tends to be those who are self-employed.

Popular jobs in Thailand

This is mainly programming, import and export and consultants both legal and construction consultants. If you are thinking that you can be employed while in your home country via the internet then the likelihood of that is next to zero. Most people will only hire you if you have been in Thailand for a while and are still in the country.

Music and Entertainment

As stated on the page about prohibited professions in Thailand being employed in the entertainment industry is very difficult. Over the years I have met a few DJ’s but they had a dual role working for large companies such as the 5 star hotels. They tend to hire foreigners to manage the nightclubs with a mainly foreign clientele. There are a number of Filipinos who work in Thailand in the entertainment industry being mainly as bands. These are not very common but they do exist.

Hotel Management

These are very common in Thailand with the large hotels. They tend to have foreigners as a chef or bakery staff for the large companies. There are a few smaller ones but they tend to be foreigners who own their own pubs and bakeries and hold a work permit as a manager and not as normal staff. There are many expats in Phuket who manage hotels and small B&B’s.

Information Technology

Not as common but they do exist mainly with the large companies. The salary levels are not going to be what you would be getting at home but it is much better than teaching. The more high-end developer skills in Thailand pay very well. There is also a constant demand from software developers with other language skills being mainly Northern European languages.

Your own business

Over the years I have seen many open their own businesses or act as consultants in Thailand. They tend to be married to a Thai and live on a 12 month marriage visa. Most positions they hold you could do from home or with a site visit. These are mainly for technical skills in engineering, software development or construction. There used to be a growing amount of expats selling on Ebay but one does not hear much of this today as the market is already flooded. Others buy or open a restaurant and let their wife run the business while they sit back and watch television in the restaurant.

If you are looking for employment then try many of the employment websites in Thailand that are looking for foreigners. As stated if you are still at home then your chances of getting a job are next to zero. You have to be in Thailand to start the process.


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