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Thai Teacher’s License

Obtaining a Teacher's LicenseThe process can become very complicated as the rules change on a regular bases in Thailand. Speak to an attorney or your school about the latest changes in government policy. Note that in Thailand you also need a ‘Cultural Certificate’ when you wish to teach in Thailand. The following is what would normally be needed to apply for a teacher license in Thailand.

Thai Teacher’s License

You are going to need to provide all the documents that the school needs for this. The following would normally be needed for this to be completed:

  1. Your full resume;
  2. 12 one and a half inch photos;
  3. 12 two inch photos;
  4. Current health certificate;
  5. Copies of your degree and other certificates (originals may be requested with transcripts);
  6. Certified Thai translations of your degree;
  7. Copies of every page of your passport;
  8. Copy of the school director’s license;
  9. Copy of the school principal’s license;
  10. Copy of a map to the school;
  11. Your teaching schedule;
  12. Current list of other work permit holders at the school
  13. New blank teacher’s license book (blue), form Sor Chor 10, form Sor Chor 17, form Ror 11. And if you’ve had a license before, then you can add Ror 12, Sor Chor 19, Sor Chor 18, and your blue license book (not to be confused with the work permit book)

All these documents are to be submitted in quadruplicate to the Ministry of Education. Remember that every page needs to be signed. It takes about 2 weeks to obtain the license book. All of the documents now need to be taken to the Labour department. They will give you a receipt and this has to be used at Thai immigration to extend your visa. If you have a minor child or wife with you on an “O” visa then this also needs to be looked at.

After about three weeks you pick up your new work permit. When the time comes for renewal, it’s a good idea to remind your school about one month before the expiry date, though they really should be on top of things by that stage.

See other pages on this website for more details about the application process, working illegally in Thailand and also prohibited occupations in Thailand. Law firms in Thailand normally do not deal with the issue of teacher licenses however the work permit process is what is normally dealt with. If you have any concerns about the process then speak to either your school or if you are not teaching in Thailand speak to an attorney for sound advice.


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