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Documents for Permit

Documents for Work PermitApplying for a work permit in Thailand depends on the type of employment you will be taking in Thailand. The documents needed as listed below would be for a ‘normal’ job. These are jobs such as such as in administration, computer programming or other professions short of journalism or teaching which has a different process as listed elsewhere on this website.

Documents for Permit

The following documents you will need to have for your work permit in Thailand and what would start the process for working legally in Thailand:

  • – Possession of a non-immigrant Thai visa (O Visa or B Visa) OR;
  • – Possession of a current valid work permit
  • – You must not be mentally ill and be sane at the time of application;
  • – You should have no criminal record; (new permits only)
  • – Copy of your educational certificates and qualifications (teacher only)
  • – Letter from the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs (See: Thai Media Visa)
  • – Letter from your mission and letter from the Thai government (See: Religious Visa)
  • – Letter from the NGO and from the Thai government (See: NGO)
  • – Copy of your passport
  • – Copy of your teachers licence (teacher only)
  • – Copy of a map showing where you will be working in Thailand
  • – Copy of a medical certificate (blood type and syphilis check)
  • – Tax certificate to show you are registered and paid personal income taxes in Thailand
  • – Copy of your new employment contract

The company you work for will need to provide the following for you when applying for the Thai business visa as well as the work permit at the Labour department in Thailand.

  • – Copy of the business registration;
  • – Copy of the businesses VAT Registration (Phor Por 01)
  • – Copy of the licenses for the business – as an example Food License etc
  • – Copy showing that Social Security Payments have been made for Thai staff;
  • – Copy of letter from the Thai Education Department (registration of school)
  • – Copy of employment contract + your school has to show certificate from MOE;

This would be what most times would be needed. Depending on what you will be doing in Thailand the documents and process would be different. Note also that you are not allowed to hold a job which is prohibited in Thailand. Those are listed on this website. You are not going to get a work permit unless the position cannot be filled by a Thai national. Speak to lawyer about the process if you are doing it for your own business as it would be much easier as it can be done once a year with your annual tax returns.


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