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Cost of Thai Work Permit

Work Permit CostsThe cost of the work permit in Thailand will depend on how long the work permit is for and also if it is a new work permit of a renewal. See the costs listed below.You need to speak to a lawyer in Thailand about the cost of the permit. Below is the government fees for each type of work permit or renewal.

Cost of Thai Work Permit

These do change so ask about the lasted government fees for the process.

  • There is 100THB fee for the work permit application;
  • If the work permit is for less than 3 months then the government fee is 750 THB;
  • If the work permit if for more than 3 months but less and 6 months then it is 1,500THB
  • For the standard 12 month work permit the government fee is 3,000 THB (most common)

Note that most work permits in Thailand are for a period of 12 months. If the contract is for longer then the cost would be more. You need to ask a lawyer what the cost will be for your work permit depending on the length of your contract.

Many foreigners in Thailand have more than one job and tend to add their part-time employment onto the work permit. The work permit has changed over the years as you are now only allowed to work at the location where the work permit says you work. If you work at Branch 1 and Branch 2 then you need to have 2 locations on your work permit. The government fee for this is 1,000THB.

If you work at Company 1 on a Monday and Company 2 on a Tuesday then this also needs to be added to your work permit. The government fee for this is 3,000THB. To change conditions of employment – i.e you are a teacher at Company 1 and a graphics designer at Company 2 then this cost is 150THB.

There can also be a combination of company, location and job description which needs to be changed. If you need more advice on these changes then speak to an attorney in Bangkok for more information and assistance. Note that working in Thailand without a valid work permit is illegal and also that you have to have your work permit on you at all times while at work. If you do not show your work permit when requested to then you will be arrested, fined and possibly deported.

See the other topics on this website for details on personal income tax, applying for a work permit and also prohibited jobs in Thailand which might be of interest to you. There is also the issue with work permit renewal and jobs in Thailand which require a different application process such as that of a preacher, journalist or small business owner. Note the work permit requirements for each position as they are not all the same. Someone married to a Thai national does not require as much registered capital in a small business as someone who does not have a Thai wife or husband.


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