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Cancelling your Permit

Cancelling your PermitThis tends to be the most problematic part of work permits in Thailand. The rules have changed over the years to the point that it does cause terrible problems. These are the most common problems in Thailand and the rule changes 4 years back turned it into an even bigger nightmare.

Most work permit issues in Thailand tend to be where the person cannot get their passport back from the company they work for while they try and cancel the work permit. These are normally from salary disputes. Unlike the good old days you now need to complete a form.

Cancelling your Permit

The form requires the following:

  • Letter from the business to request the cancellation;
  • Work Permit book
  • Copy of Company Registration;
  • Power of Attorney

The problem most times tends to be the letter requesting the cancellation. If there is a dispute between you and the company this can and will create other problems. Most do not like the new cancellation process as they cannot give their employer notice that they are going to work elsewhere. Many times they tend not to want to provide the documents as needed.

Labour litigation in Thailand is not as complicated or drawn-out as commercial litigation and over the years there have been many instances where the employer takes note that you are now using an attorney that they simply provide the documents and final salary as needed. Maybe the Department of Labour needs to review the cancellation process in Thailand again as the older process was much easier and fair. It always avoided unneeded labour litigation.

If you are having problems as the above then seek the advice from a law firm to settle the issue very quickly. The problem is becoming more common in Thailand.


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